In this post I will be writing about Commenting guidelines. Commenting Guidelines are what to post on blogs and what not to.

Here are some fake post that I will rate from most helpful to lest helpful.

I thing the less helpful post is the first one because it uses slang and too many exclamation makes.

I thing that the sixth one is the second less helpful because it repeats words that do not need to repeated and instead of writing grade it writes gr8.

The fourth post is the third less helpful because the person who wrote it did not proof read and edit it because most of the words and wrong.

(etc. 7, 8, 5, 2,)

I thing the best one is the third one post because the person who posted it proof read it, added the right punctuation and add capital letters.

Thanks for listening

I hope that you now know what to post and what not to post.

Narrative with Casual=RED and Temporal=BLUE words.

While he jumps up and down I feel my hands moving up and down too. My annoying brother is jumping all over my bed! I have asked him to stop but he doesn’t. Then I just remember that when the bed is bouncing the room shakes a bit. Meanwhile I’m doing my homework in the room as well. Wait I forgot to introduce myself, I am Emily and my brother’s name is Ken but everyone calls him Kenny. We live in a small cottage in the outback yet we are in the snow. Even though my brother was jumping on my bed I didn’t want to tell him off because he is just 4 and I’m 15 years old. Finally is was dinner time and my cousin and I left my room and went to the dinner table.  We had pasta and went outside for a little play in the snow. I thought it was very cold outside but my brother didn’t ,but we only got to play for 10mins because we had to go shower, brush our teeth and get to bed. My brother and I sleep in different rooms. Although he is annoying, I love him.

Country of focus (China)

1. China is in Asia.

2.The capital city of China is Beijing.

3.China is on the Northern and the Eastern Hemisphere.

4.The population in China is 1.398 billion people. (2019)

5.Mandarin is the national language in China also known as Chinese.

6.The currency in China is Renminbi.

7.China is Australia’s largest two-way trading partner in goods and services.

8. Covid originated in China.

9.China shares borders with Vietnam, Thailand and Japan. Vietnam is SouthEast, Thailand is SouthWest and Japan is in the East.

First post

Hi, I am Alyra in this post I will be telling you a bit about me. I am from Australia and I am 11 years old. My favourite animal is dogs. I enjoy playing Minecraft, Roblox and Among us and my favourite colour is purple! Something I am looking forward to in the blog is seeing other peoples post and learning about them!!

Thanks for Listening😃